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Ghostpuncher Corps

Jun 13, 2018

The gang fights tooth and nail to protect their brand ambassador/flunky as the investigation into the mysterious disappearances around Mapleville, Montana continues.

Songs used in this episode:

Blossoms Will Sprout from the Carcass - Skagos (Intro/Outro)

North - Firmam3nt

SFX used in this episode:

Small Knife Slide - 1histori

Whoosh02 - kingsrow 

fire wood bonfire low eq - homejrande

Thunder16 - OneSoundToRuleThemAll

Lightning Crash - NoiseNoir

Dry Thunder3 - justkiddink

Bat Bludgeoning - pasdepoisson

Body falling on the ground 1 - ihitokage

Sizzling - jasonelrod

Logo Dissolve, Electric, A - InspectorJ

Wind, Synthesized, A - InspectorJ

All songs used in this episode are Creative Commons licensed for non-commercial use with attribution. 

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