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Ghostpuncher Corps

Dec 31, 2020

Mikey and his new friend continue their road trip, enjoy some good (bad) food and take in a film.

Music used in this episode:

Every myths are true stories - Komiku

SFX used in this episode

Frozen Celery Breaking Cracking Bones - Idalize

Bodyboard Stretch A - InspectorJ

additional sounds recorded by Lilith

All songs and...

Dec 17, 2020

Petua and Sophie continue their journey to reconnect with Sophie's friends in the world of G.R.I.D.br34k3r and return their souls to hell.

Music used in this episode:

Marvellous Merfolk - Soft and Furious

We Won't Survive - The Rezonator

Netra - Ingrats

SFX used in this episode:

Typewriter - TOC1

Servo motor -...

Dec 3, 2020

The gang dips back in to Coffee Shop AU by James D'Amato for some pseudo-canonical shenanigans. Previously published on the Ghostpuncher Patreon.

Play Coffee Shop AU and other games and improve your tabletop RPGs with the Ultimate RPG Gameplay Guide  by James D'Amato

Music contained in this episode:


Nov 19, 2020

Elektra finds her way.

SFX used in this episode:

california night time suburb ambience distant traffic - memusa

Car_Start_Drive_1 - Duesenbert

Car_StartDriveAway - kbnevel

Music used in this episode:

Ghosts 1 - Nine Inch Nails

All songs and sounds used in this episode are used non-commercially with attribution. 


Oct 22, 2020

Some updates! The most important to know: the Guestpuncher Corps arc is delayed. We've decided there's another story to get through before we get to Guestpuncher Corps. If you're someone hoping to get on the show important information is contained within!

Music contained in this episode:

Blossoms Will Sprout from the...