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Ghostpuncher Corps

Sep 5, 2018

The gang are hot on Astaroth's trail, investigating the bloodthirsty prince of Hell out to feast on this Montana town. Until they aren't. Then they go shopping for records! Don't worry, the town will be fine... right?

Songs used in this episode:

Blossoms Will Sprout from the Carcass - Skagos (Intro/Outro)

Ghosts 22 - Nine Inch Nails

Germ House - Live at WFMU for Burn It Down with Nate K

Portrayal - To the Black Sea

SFX used in this episode:

Quiet Ambience in a Small Church Sanctuary - Leonelmail 

Door-Wooden-Heavy-Open-01.wav - D W

Suburban Residential Medium To Heavy Skyline.wav - mzui

cardboardbox.wav - j1987

record scratch.wav - luffy

various sounds of a record player.wav - luffy


All songs used in this episode are Creative Commons licensed for non-commercial use with attribution. 

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