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Ghostpuncher Corps

Dec 6, 2018

Trigger warning: 44 min-end, frequent gun sound effects

The gang settles in to their cabin in the woods. Mikey reunites with an old friend in the wilderness. Elektra and Petua get high and try to make a curry.

Petua goes out.

Songs used in this episode:

Blossoms Will Sprout from the Carcass - Skagos (Intro/Outro)

Balance - Komiku

Raina Rose - One One Thousand

Every Myths Are True Stories - Komiku

Chill Out Theme - Komiku

FUCK ME - Monplaisir

SFX used in this episode:

winter wind in trees - lwdickens,

Distant_gunfire_01 - cgeffex,

Distant_gunfire_03 - cgeffex,

40 Smith Wesson 8x - Mike Koenig,

Motorcycle_Startup_Driveaway - StephenSaldanha,

DeLorean Engine Idle - 1 - bamfsound,

Sizzling - JasonElrod

All songs and sounds used in this episode are used non-commercially with attribution. 

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