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Ghostpuncher Corps

Feb 20, 2020

After loosing a massive billboard from the top of a building and being confronted by a mysterious attacker Drex, Marlowe and Ye Kim continue their venture into the world of G.R.I.D.br34k3r. Their antics have attracted the attention of the oppressive G.R.I.D. and they're still no closer to uncovering the identity of their target.

This episode was edited by Emily Schmemily of the Dunston Checks Min and Go Go Godzilla podcasts on the Benview Network.

Songs used in this episode:

Ultra! Ultra! Ultra! - Zuul

Alive in Leeds - Bing Satellites

Escape from Germany - Lazerhawk

OCTILARY - Chill Trap Beat

Netra - Jusqu'au​-​boutiste

Ghosts 5 - Nine Inch Nails

Gimme a Break - Netra

SFX used in this episode:

Siren - Nahlin83

Car start and stop - Botha9johann

Running - RackhamsRever

Car door close, engine start - FedeFrede

Footsteps, Tile, Male Sneakers, Slow Pace - SpliceSound

Footsteps, Tile, Male Sneakers, Fast Pace - SpliceSound

Keypad no tone - MootMcnoodles

Wind Houling 1 - Bosk1

World Trade Center during wind storm - xzuma

Opening and closing metal mailbox - CGEffex

knife sharpen 04 - Anthousai

window_cleaning - tim.kahn

Glass Squeaking - ftpalad

plunger_pop_1 - LloydEvans 09

hissing_gas - zischendes gas - Taberius

Tools-Power_Drill-Heavy-On-03 - DWOBoyle

Zipper04 - sound_ims

circ_saw-04 - kolczok

Body fall 2 - Adam_N

Steel chain being dropped - Ani_Music

big thud3 - reitanna

Quiet City Centre Carpark - richwise

Left Gravel Footstep 1 - Ali_6868

Little blender - DimitrisM

Helicopter - alegemaate

Electric Servo + Extra SFX  - DCSFX

Tools-Power_Drill-Small-On-01 - DWOBoyle

SCanTear1 - StevenJMUK

Arc Welding - kev_durr

Basement Motor/Boiler 1 - caquet

sparks - Marregheriti

SciFi Gun - Laser Automatic Fast - dpren

Garand_slide_forward - Mpierluissi

V8 Supercar fly-by - FFKoenigsegg20012017

Car Breaking Skid 01. - Medartimus

LightMachineGun2 - SuperPhat

AE0092 Volvo 740 GLE handbrake turn 03 - Audible-Edge

drag gravel - adejabor

09 Car engine - 15HPanska_Ruttner_Jan

Servo04 - LG

Releasing Pressure - soundslikewillem

Car_Door_Close_02 - Meisben

All songs and sounds used in this episode are used non-commercially with attribution. 

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