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Ghostpuncher Corps

Apr 30, 2020

After their previous attempt at pursuit got out of hand the gang momentarily regroup before re-entering G.R.I.D.br34k3r.

This episode was edited by Emily Schmemily of the Dunston Checks Min and Go Go Godzilla podcasts on the Benview Network.

Music contained in this episode:

Ultra! Ultra! Ultra! - Zuul

Netra - Ingrats

Netra - Jusqu'au​-​boutiste

Ghosts 5 - Nine Inch Nails

Hide & Sequence - Ghosts

No Bloody Trust - SHIO-Z

SFX contained in this episode

street ambiance brooklyn - Sethlind

Kicking a door - pfranzen

Car Breaking Skid 01 - medartimus

Car Crash - squareal

Whoosh - quobodup

Metal Hit 2 - dslrguide

Room Tone Small Electrical Buzz - mzui

VtwinMotorcyclePullUp-Away - cussinsailor

Sizzle / Acid Burn - bottles

pneumatic_door - primeval_polypod

Car_Door_Close_02 - meisben

Car start and stop - botha9johann

traffic from inside an apartment - chubbers1995

 Door Knock - 17 - Ligidium

Door, Front, Opening, A - InspectorJ

Wall Clock Ticking - straget 

SMG 02 - GreenFireSound

Flamethrower - Pugaeme

Cinematic Deep Rumble - Swiftoid

Fire - Effects - Textures - Sizzling, crackling, blowing - GregorQuendel

Footsteps, Tile, Male Sneakers, Slow Pace - SpliceSound

Fire - batuhan

elevator inside - mredig

Elevator - Alberto96

Button Press - ftpalad

Elevator - dcloh

HINGE-SQUEAK - newagesoup

Metal Gate Open - LEONI@FS

World Trade Center during wind storm - xzuma

Jumping Human - elynch0901

ropes - ssierra1202

Whipping - SoundsExciting

Metal Pole_Hand slip sequence - Hupguy

Hang Man's Rope - Jergonda

Metal Slide 2 - Sethroph

Rope pull 2 - Huggy13ear

Wind Houling 1 - Bosk1

distant explosion - rcarpo

Slam & Fire - contramundum

Door closing, door closed - steinhyrningur

squeaky door hinge open and close - bowlingballout

Suppressed Uzi - jaraxe

 Snapping, Wooden Fence, V - InspectorJ

Chair Falling - bmcken

bodyfall on carpet - kooust

All songs and sounds used in this episode are used non-commercially with attribution. 

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